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New version 1.5.0 - support for 3G connection
Yesterday we uploaded new version 1.5.0 to our servers and Android Market. In this release you will find a new connection method over data connection. So if you have a good data plan you can use this profile to control your PC, but you need to remember about few things:
  • your PC needs to have external IP (you can also redirect port 5656 TCP and UDP¬† on your router),
  • if you have dynamic external IP you can use DynDNS service to get an unique domain name and enter this name in the address field when you create your profile
  • remember about data connection costs. GRemotePro use about 200kb peer hour, but this depends on your operator and application usage. If you use touchpad application will send more data etc.
In this release we've made some changes in communication protocol so now application uses TCP and UDP protocol, port 5656. If you have had problems with connection timeout, please try new version. If you create profile with fixed IP address GRemotePro should work without problems in any network. This release comes with a lot of fixes. For list of changes see the changelog.