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New version 1.5.5 released - added support for more keyboard layouts, skin support goes to Android version

Last week release of GRemotePro brought some new functionality and some bug fixes described below:


  • support for more keybard languages and symbols - since now, GRemotePro  has been allowing user to type only latin characters and a few symbols, now you are able type more. If your keyboard layout is similar to English but you have several extra letters (like in Polish, German, Swedish etc.) you should be able to type them with GRemotePro. Most symbols should work too. There is only one limitation - you can type only this character/symbol which you are able to type using a physical keyboard. Starting from this release, you can also use build-in software keyboard dictionary.
  • skin support for Android phones - until now, only Windows users have been able to  create custom skins, now all Android users can do the same. Skins should be placed in /sdcard/Android/data/com.gbmsoftware.gremotepro2/skins/ folder. We are going to create  a new functionality related to skin support - skin database available from the phone, so user can browse it and change it without touching PC. Please follow our future releases to find this function.
  • support for Xperia phones - from now on, Xperia users with Android 2.1 and higher can see this release in the Android Market
  • 'client connected' and 'disconnected' event - some users want to do something every time they connect or disconnect the server. So now you can define a custom action for such events. Just add new command in GRemoteServer and assign this command to the event, that connects or disconnects (right click on this command, and select option "Assign special event->Client connected" from context menu)
  • faster files/tracks list loading - this fix is important for users who use fixed IP profiles. In this profiles, tracks or files were loaded too slow. Now it is faster and more usable.
So enjoy with this release and write to us if you have any problems or question.