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New version with Aimp2 support released

Yesterday we released new version of GRemotePro numbered This release contains many minor fixes but the most important is Aimp2 playlist support and Android client translations. So now every Aimp2 fan with PDA can control this player using our application. It works exactly the same as Winamp before, so you will be able to manage the playlist (add, enqueue, clear), see current track info etc. In the android client you can also use Music Widget to control this player.


Second important thing is that thanks to our users who help us with translations we made Android client available in six languages: English, French, German, Polish, Slovak, Spanish. If you want to see it in your language and win a free GRemotePro license please contact us.

If you want to upgrade to current version please follow Configuration Wizard in GRemoteServer steps required to enable all new functionality. Other changes can be found in this changelog.