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What is your favourite applet?

About GRemote

GRemote is an application used to control your PC using PDA. Your PDA can work as a mouse, keyboard, joystick, and remote controller for some programs and PC functions. As for now we have applets described below:


  • GCenter - place to select controller type

  • GMouse - mouse control like Logitech MX Air (not the same)

  • Touchpad - applet which emulates laptops touchpad with a scroll area (dpad centre is left mouse button, useful for drag&drop)

  • GPad - especially for Media Center (generates arrow keys, Enter, Backspace, Esc, Alt+F4, StartMenu)

  • GMedia - multimedia keys for Windows Media Player (VolUP, VolDown, Play/Pause,Stop,Next, Prior)

  • Keyboard - Now you can use any SIP
    method including the hardware keyboard in HTC Touch Pro. Extra keys on
    screen Ctrl, Alt (three state), Esc, Del, Tab

  • GRace - thanks to PPJoy we have analogue game controller with 2 axis and 12 buttons. It is similar to NiiMe for Nokia, but only steering wheel at the moment.