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How GRemote communicates with PC?

GRemote application (which is installed on PDA) communicates with GRemoteServer (installed on PC) using standard network protocols. So you need to establish one of them:


  • USB networking - the simplest way to test this app. In most situation you don't need to do anything except connecting your device via USB to PC. Sometimes you need to ensure that "Enable advanced network functionality" in Control Panel->Connection->USB to PC is checked in your PDA.
  • WiFi - the second way to use this application. Just enable WiFi on your PDA and connect to the same network where your PC is connected.
  • Bluetooth native service - latest GRemote Pro version have own BT service, so you don't need to configure BT PAN. This is the easiest way to connect to PC.
  • Bluetooth Personal Area Networking - the most useful way to use with GRemote. But this is the hardest to establish. Read other FAQ and forum to find solution for this method.


Remember that this application uses UDP 5656 port, so you have to be sure that your firewall allows incoming and outgoing packets on this port.