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What is your favourite applet?



-added windows installer
-added autostart option in setup and server application
-added "magic" button to open ports in Windows firewall


- GMouse tuned, bas position fixed
- fixed problen with "Connection timeout"on some devices
- IBM TrackPoint mode changed without logout
- removed random values for GRace
- you need to hold back button more than 3 sec to back to GCenter screen
- display is always on in GRace applet.


- GRace applet added
- fixed problem with saving profiles (everything moved to registry, you need to add your profiles again)
- other fixes...


- quick fix for "GSensor not found!!!"
-added blank password support
-connection timeout increased
-new method for mouse move. If you want to use it, go to GRemoteServer Touchpad tab and select "Emulate IBM TrackPoint". It works similar to IBM TrackPoint. Go to Touchpad applet and try it, to check
how it works
-many bugs fixed (tell me if I fix problem with connection timeout in v0.4.0)


-profile support for different connection
-authorization added
-connection timeout exception
-option to load default profile at start up
-vibration on virtual button press
-auto popup SIP keyboard in keyboard mode
-touchpad support in keyboard mode
-new tabs in GRemoteServer (General,Logs,Keyboard)
-most bugs fixed
-new bugs codded


-added G-Sensor support for Samsung Omnia
-now you can use any device with VGA,QVGA,WQVGA display
-Touchpad support for devices without G-Sensor
-TouchFlo for scrolling (same configuration for Touchpad and GMouse)
-fixed problem with closing server app when Windows shutdown
-removed bug with crashing app when you run GRemote first time (probably this fixes most of the problems, but I cannot say for sure, because I did not have these problems on my device)
-reduced memory ussage
-remove crash when you switch from GCenter->Welcome->GCenter
-other fixes which I don't remember now...v.0.2.1:
- fixed problem with double keys on some SIP keyboards
- Numeric keys should work on Touch Pro


- new applets

    * GCenter
    * GMedia
    * GPad
    * Keyboard

- removed bug with IP entered manually


- added "Witouttouch" mode. If you want you can press pad button, and current position of your device is used as base. This state is indicated by "G" blue letter.
- fixed problem with click & drag
- added combo for hosts
- added hostname displayed with IP
- fix problem with tray
- fix problem with crashing when touch (tell me if this works)


- fix problem with top bar again. I'm almost sure it works now.
- added magic button "Find". You don't need to enter IP address any more. I hope this resolve most problems connections.
- added "Refresh" button in server app.


- added status tab in server app. It displays IP list to use in client app and client status if connected.


-fix main bug when shaking app crash
-icon indicator added on server side
- grey - not connected
- green - connected


-Left, Right Click
-Virtual scroll wheel
-Simple configuration