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Bluetooth connection howto

This method is no longer required if you are using latest GRemote Pro with native Bluetooth support!!!


Please try GRemote Pro and see how it is simple now.



This FAQ describes how you can establish bluetooth connection using PAN profile. In this example we use BlueSoleil software and Samsung Omnia. Some screens look different on other devices and softwares.


1. Go to Settings->Connection->Wi-fi

2. Then select Network adapters and click on Bluetooth PAN driver

3. Set fixed IP address, for example

4. Now you can save the all settings. Then you should download and run WM6BTPAN.exe  on your device. There will be no confirmation that this tool is running. Just click it on File explorer and go to the next step.

5. Now you should enable BT.

6. Then you should pair your device with PC. Find new device and when PDA find PC select it and click Next.

7. Enter password for this pair, for example 12345.

8. After that your bluetooth software on PC will ask you for the password. You need to enter the same password like in PDA. In our example 12345.

9. Our software aska us about authorization for other service. We can check "Always allow..."and then click Yes.

10. Now on PC you should set fixed IP for connection based on Bluetooth PAN network adapter. Go to Control Pannel->Network connection find BT connection and display Properties. Then select Internet Protocols TCP/IP and click Prperties. Then set fixed addres, in our example Save this settings and go to the next step.

11. Go to your bluetooth software and establish PAN connection. In BlueSoleil software you can double click on this profile (1), it is confirmed on label in status bar (2). Now you can run GRemote application on your device and create new BT based profile. If everything goes ok you should see your IP in GRemoteServer (3) and tray icon becomes green (4).