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About GRemote Pro

GRemote Pro is a software, that lets you to remotely control popular applications on your PC using a mobile phone or PDA with Windows Mobile or Android system on board. It makes easy to access with one click even a very well hidden functions of almost every media software on the market. Controlling presentaions in PowerPoint, using Media Player, listening to Winamp, watching TV on your PC, playing games have never been so easy.



Here is why you are gonna love GRemote Pro, please read on:


KeyboardSoftware and hardware keyboard - Don't have wireless keyboard? Tired of leaning over your desk, with the wrists pain ? GRemote Pro will set you free from the wires and will give you a wireless keyboard feature. If you have a PDA device with hardware keyboard, you can type with it, if you do not - just use a software keyboard, which will be displayed on the PDA screen.

TouchpadPDA screen used as touchpad - You are familiar to your notebook's touchpad, aren't you? It gives you an opportunity to move the mouse pointer around the computer screen, scroll the web pages, select functions etc, but it needs your fingers be located just before the notebook's keyboard. Now, with GRemote Pro, you can use the PDA screen as if it was a touchpad! Just touch the PDA screen and the mouse pointer on your PC will follow the moves.

GMediaRemote controlling for the media software - If you listen to the music from your PC, watch films or TV news, GRemote will help you to control all of the media functions with one click without the need to be near you PC or keyboard. Volume up and down, play/pause, start and stop will be as easy to access as in your favourite remote control.

GRacePlaying your favourite PC Game - We don't forget about modern devices and technologies! If your device have build in G-Sensor we use it for mouse control and emulate virtual wireless wheel control!!! Using this functions you can play your favourite PC Game like Need For Speed without a real joystick attached. GRemote Pro offers many ways of controlling the game, that can be easily configured and tuned to meet your requirements and give you fun.

WinampWinamp and Aimp2 playlist support - You can see you playlist and track info on the phone!!! You dont need to use your TV connected to media center to play your favourite music. If you combine this extension with explorer extension you can play enything you want.

ExplorerRemote file explorer - Now you can browse madia files and or presentation directly from your phone!!! ?You can add tracks to Winamp playlist or just open any document you want. This is verry useful when you have madia center beacuse you dont need to use TV to browse and play music.


BTControl PC over WiFi or Bluetooth - You can control PC over WiFi networks or Bluetooth service, so if you have any problems with firewall just use bluetooth, but if you need wide range use WiFi.


Support for presentations - If you are showing a presentation, you can just hold your PDA device in your hand and slide notes from your presentation easily. Your audience will appreciate if you can move freely around the stage, showing your face and watching their reactions as you present their last report.

Everything in one, small device - GRemote Pro will turn your mobile phone into the presentation controller, joystick, remote keyboard, remote touchpad etc. so you do not have to take all these devices with you. And probably you would not want to leave your mobile phone home when you are on trip, would you?


Skin support and configuration manager - GRemote Pro can be easily configured and customized to your needs. Look and feel of the software can be adapted by easy to use configuration manager and skins, that can be made by you! Follow a few steps to design your own skin and make GRemote Pro look as you wish.


Dynamic IP friendly - If you travel a lot or use GRemote with the same PC but in many location you don't need to create as many profiles as many networks. You can create auto IP profile and GRemote client will find you PC automaticaly by name.


Support for most popular applications - to make it easy to use, we have built an applications library and you don't need to configure our program to use it with your favourite application. Just select it from library using configuration wizard. Currenlty you can find this applications: AIMP2, Boxee, BS Player, CyberLink PowerDVD10, Foobar2000, KMPlayer, Media Portal, Media Player Classic,  MonkeyMedia, SubEdit Player, VLC Media Player, Winamp, Windows Media Center (Win7), Windows Media Player, XBMC, Zoom Player. If you don't see your favourite application on the list, just send us e-mail.


  • PDA with Windows Mobile 5/6 with touch screen display or Android phone
  • Display types supported by default: VGA, WVGA, WQVGA (QVGA, SQVGA as external skin, you can find on our home page). Other devices are supported too, but you need to install skin. If someone creates skin and wants to share it with others we will publish it on our website.
  • Microsoft NetCF 2.0 installed on device
  • Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7 on the controlled machine
  • Supported Bluetooth drivers on the PC:
    • BlueSoleil (1.6 or higher)
    • Microsoft (native Windows XP SP2 or higher bluetooth drivers)
    • Toshiba (4.2 or higher)
    • WidComm ( or higher)


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