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(since 2015r application become free)


This file contains server and client application for all VGA,WVGA,WQVGA devices. You need to download this file, connect device to your PC and run setup. Fallow this article if you have problems with installation and remember about a few things:
  • Bluetooth connection works only on this BT drivers:
    • BlueSoleil (1.6 and high)
    • Microsoft (native Windows XP SP2 and high bluetooth drivers)
    • Toshiba (4.2 and high)
    • WidComm ( and high)
  • Joystick feature works only for Samsung Omnia i900 and HTC devices with GSensor (Diamond, Touch Pro, Touch HD and maybe newer stuff) and most Android phones.
  • For devices with different display size try to find skin for your device here.
  • DEMO version have one limitation. It displays message and blocks application every 5 min when device is connected. You need to click OK to continue.
  • If you have any problems with connection read this FAQ.
  • Other questions send to:

Download GRemote Pro Full


GRemotePro client in Android Market (QR Code):



*If you want to download full version please click here and fallow the instructions (only for our customers)