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Installation guide for GRemote Pro

This article explains how to install GRemote Pro application on you system (PDA and PC). Please download our software and run GRemotePro_setup.exe file on your PC. It is recommended to install client's application in this process, so connect your device to PC using USB and ensure that ActiveSync icon becomes green. Keep this connection established until the last step of this guide.  If you have Android based PDA please install GRemotePro client from AndroidMarket.



Setup - Welcome screen

Click "Next" to continue.


Choose components

Choose components to install. If your PDA doesn't have a GSensor you can uncheck
last option. You can also install client's application on your device later from
GRemoteServer tray menu. For Samsung devices like:GT-B7300 Omnia Lite,
GT-B7330 Omnia Pro, GT-I8000 Omnia II, GT?B7620 Armani please check Samsung SDK option.


Choose install location

Select directory where you want to install application.


Install application on your device

If you decide to install client's application on device,
you will be informed about installation on your device.


Allow install driver

Installer needs to install some drivers. If you get this message
click "Continue anyway" to allow installation of new drivers.
This message is shown only if you install joystick driver.


Finish installation

After installing all components you can run application on you PC. Click "Yes" to continue.


Unblock GRemote in firewall

If you run application for the first time Windows will ask
you about a firewall protection. Click "Unblock" to allow
client's application connect to PC.


Install joystick extension

If program asks you about joystick extension click "Yes" to allow install new device.


Hardware wizard

Windows will confirm finding a new device. Select last option and click "Next".


Install driver

Select first option and click "Next".
(Sometimes Windows can?t find some files and shows window
to select directory where driver is installed. If you are installing
application in default path enter this for driver location:
"C:\Program Files\GBM\GRemote Pro\GRemoteJoy driver\")


Allow instal unsigned driver

Like in previous question click "Continue Anyway".


Driver installation succeed

Now you should get confirmation of driver installation.


Go to options...

If you have problems with joystick extension check status in options.


Install virtuall joystick driver

Select GRace tab and click "Install virtual joystick driver" if your status is like in this example.


Driver detected

Now everything should be OK.


Install application on device

If you select option "Install client on your on device" in PC setup you should
see this screen on your PDA. If you don?t, you can also do this from
tray menu of GRemoteServer. Click Install to continue.


Installation finished

If everything goes OK you should see screen like above.


Go to programs

Now you can go to programs in your PDA and run GRemote Pro.


Welcome screen

If you run application first time you need to define new profile. Please click "Settings".

Settings window

Here you can see all availabe options. First we need to define new profile to
connect to computer. Please click "Add computer" to continue.

New profile window
Click "Find..." to get IP or Bluetooth address automatically. GRemotePro client will try to find all computers over WiFi, USB, and Bluetooth that have
GRemoteServer installed. If you want to find computers over Wireless LAN please enable
WiFi module in your PDA device (BT radio will be enabled automatically)
If PDA can't find  your PC automatically or if you get "Connection timeout" message
please check your firewall. Probably it is the source of problems with connection.
This problem occurs if you try to connect through Wi-Fi or BT PAN profile,
so please try to use BT connection instead WiFi.


Add profile window with results

Then select computer you want to connect and click "Add" to save this profile.

For IP connection it is recomended to use "IP:auto" profile.


Skin list

If you want to change skin please click on the "Change skin" option in Settings menu.
You will see options the same or similar to screen above. You don't see this option for Android devices.

Correct skin selected Scalled skin selected Wrong skin selected
Picture 1. If you select correct skin (designed for your device resolution)
you will see preview without any extra information
Picture 2. If you select skin designed for the same screen ratio (like VGA and QVGA,
or WVGA and WQVGA) you will see gray text about this, and that means
you can use this skin and it will work without problems but may look not so good
as dedicated for your device resolution.
Picture 3. If you select wrong skin you will see text like on picture 3,
and it is not recomended to use this skin.


Welcom screen

Now you can save all options and go back to Welcome screen and click "Connect" to establish connection between PDA and PC.


Client connected

On GRemoteServer you should see information about connection. In status bar
you can see client IP (this is your PDA IP address) and client version.
"G" letter on tray icon should become green.