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I can connect to PC but I can't do anything, even exit to welcome screen. Where is the problem?
  • First check your connection. If you see "Connected with: X.X.X.X" on status bar in GRemoteServer connection should be OK. If not, check your firewall. This program uses 5656 UDP port so add this port to your firewall configuration. If you are using Windows Firewall you can use option in our program. Please go to GRemoteServer menu, File->Options... and Click "Add GRemoteServer to Windows Firewall exception" on General tab. On Windows Vista this option will work only if you run this application as Administrator.

Connection status




  • Next you should check your configuration. If command tree is empty you should load configuration file. For devices with GSensor you can load configuration file located in program directory (C:\Program Files\GBM\GRemote Pro\Example config.ini).

Command tree