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Editing the default skin in order to add a NumPad applet



NumPad applet is included in default skins now, so this tutorial is only for eductional use.


Many people ask for NumPad applet in GRemote. Now with GRemote Pro features it is posible to add any applet you want. This tutorial shows how you can edit default-VGA skin and add NumPad applet.


First we need some extra images:

  • GMedia and GPad "front" images with extra button and mask image files with mask for this button:

GPad with extra NumPad button GPad mask image with extra NumPad button mask

  • new NumPad image and mask image:

NumPad image NumPad mask image

Here you can download all the images that were used in this tutorial.

Now you can watch this video to learn how to create configuration for NumPad. We recommend to watch this video in HD format.