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  • Aimp2 playlist support - now your can select between Winamp and this player
    installation process a little tuned
    random moves in touchpad removed
    translations for Android client added: French, German, Polish, Slovak, Spanish
    some other fixes



  • support for more keybard languages and symbols
  • skin support for Android phones
  • support for Xperia phones
  • 'client connected' and 'disconnected' event
  • faster files/tracks list loading



  • communication protocol changed - now GRemotePro use TCP and UDP protocol, port 5656
  • data connection supported (3G, GPSR, HSDPA etc.), you can use domain name like
  • you can assign a call events using context menu in GRemoteServer
  • faster loading/saving configuration
  • Windows key added to modificator in keyboard events tab
  • fixed update service for application profiles in wizard
  • pinch to zoom tunned
  • fixed timeout for BT profiles in Android client



  • Wake On Lan function added
  • better Bluetooth initialization
  • new applications in program library
  • fixed Bluetooth issue on devices with Broadcom/Widcomm stack - BT radio is not enabled when it is not used
  • fixed problem with broken configuration files
  • removed conflict with AVG antivirus software (application hangs about one minute when you tried save any options)
  • removed problem with connection timeout when you are using Winamp and try to add directory with many files
  • Bluetooth library updated


  • toggle active group command added - the easiest way to toggle active group int the same group, just like applications in GMedia
  • export/import configuration subtree - useful option if you want to export application from GMedia and share with other people
  • configuration wizard - wizard to select from database what applications you want to control using GRemote
  • fixed problem with wrong startup applet when user get timeout/demo message
  • new window to select shared folders


  • fixed problem with error when you type wrong IP address when you define profile (WM client)
  • fixed error when you try to run application without correct skin selected (WM client)


  • fixed problem with broken configuration after system restart
  • removed question about default configuration when you first time install GRemoteServer
  • bluetooth library updated


  • fixed default configuration for server,
  • fixed problem with landscape mode for Winamp and Explorer applet (if you draw custom skin),
  • fixed problem with "Lost connection to server" when device wakes up from suspend (on Windows Mobile),
  • fixed problem with Winamp playlist - sometimes it was not loaded on device
  • fixed "Load default profile at startup" function
  • when you try to search bluetooth devices client shows only PC's with GRemote installed (previously shows all devices like other phone etc.)
  • new GUI for settings in Windows Mobile client,
  • bluetooth library in Windows Mobile client updated, should work better on Widcomm stack (HTC Touch Pro 2),
  • scaled skins support - now you can use VGA skin on QVGA, WVGA on WQVGA etc.
  • Pinch To Zoom for HTC HD2 (thanks to SciLor) and Android > 2.0 devices - we want to implement full multitouch service, but HD2 support only PinchToZoom, which means it detects multitouch only when you tap two fingers in the same time.
  • skin for square devices (320x320) added to default installer (thanks to scaled skin support should work for all devices with sqare display)



  • Fixed keyboard issue after using Winamp/Explorer extension
  • Fixed problem with switching to next explorer/Winamp items when scrolling
  • Added notification on titlebar after Play/Enqueue event
  • Configuration updated


  • New Winamp applet added - this applet shows current Winamp playlist and playing track info (just title and time)
  • New Explorer applet added - this is very useful whe you want to browse remote file system and open files like presentation, movies, or musics.
  • Numpad applet added to default skins
  • New commands:
    • Explorer: Play in Winamp - if you will use build in explorer you can play selected directory or file
    • Explorer: Enqueue in Winamp
    • Explorer: Open - this function open selected file in default application
    • Switch to previous applet
  • Support for new Samsung SDK 2.0 for modern Samsung devices like:
    • GT-B7300 Omnia Lite
    • GT-B7330 Omnia Pro
    • GT-I8000 Omnia II
    • GT?B7620 Armani
  • Some changes in skins
  • Fixed problem with slow touchpad in landscape mode
  • Fixed problem with unreadable text in Omnia II

v1.2.3 - available in Android Market, update only for android clients

  • Preferences added - now you can configure backlight and lock screen: You can choise three settings:
    • System - and system will control backlight like before
    • Always on - Display will be always on
    • Automatic - GRemote will control backlight and will wake device when detect movment
    • You can disable Screen lock when GRemote application is active
    • Enable WiFi power managment - GRemote will enable WiFi if needed and disable if device is not used for a while
  • Add profile window is little tunned, lanscape mode added
  • Aplication remember last selected profile
  • And other fixes


  • Fixed problem with auto IP profile


  • Most problems with Android software keyboard and HTC Touch Input keyboard fixed
  • New auto IP profile added - useful when your PC have dynamic IP, GRemote client find PC by name
  • Fixed bug when you have no skins installed for your device
  • other bugs fixed


  • Support for Android client (available in Android Market)
  • Default configuration updated (new commands for android phones)
  • Added info when update available (displayed on the banner in the server)
  • Bluetooth library updated
  • Sensors library updated (now works on HTC Touch Pro 2)
  • Removed problem when server hangs and use all CPU
  • Fixed "first touch" problem in touchpad
  • Fixed problem with bluetooth initialization at startup
  • Fixed graphics in server on custom DPI
  • Fixed problem with singer drivers error during installation process


  • Fixed problem with keys assigned to alternative functions
  • Fixed special characters on some HW keyboards (Fn + other keys)
  • Client application tuned: less memory usage, faster applets loading at start
  • Added hint when no profiles defined
  • Bluetooth library updated
  • Skin API changes - you can scale mask image, so it could be smaller than applet image
  • Every skin can have up to 20 applets now
  • Added about tab in client application
  • Switch automatically to Profiles window when no profiles defined and user use Go button
  • Fixed problem with BT profiles (hangs for a while when you are using this protocol)


  • Updated joystick driver with Vista x64 bit support !!!
  • New method for Drag&Drop function without extra hardware buttons. You can use touchpad surface instead, just tap and hold...
  • Fixed problem with autostart in Vista
  • Setup, application, and driver is signed now.
  • Added missed license for In The Hand bluetooth library
  • Some fixes for Widcomm Bluetooth Stack on PDA (like HTC Touch Pro 2)
  • Fixed option "Invert vertical axis"


  • Native bluetooth support - you don't need to configure anything, just add profile and connect. Suported BT drivers:
  • BlueSoleil (1.6 and high)
  • Microsoft (native Windows XP SP2 and high bluetooth drivers)
  • Toshiba (4.2 and high)
  • WidComm ( and high)
  • NETCF downgraded from 3.5 to 2.0.
  • Groups selected from list
  • Save configuration after import
  • Added about window
  • Added "File -> New configuration" in menu
  • Added command "Shutdown timer" - you can schedule PC shutdown
  • Hide Start bar (on PDA) - sometimes it appears after rotation
  • Memory management tuned
  • Faster configuration loading in GRemoteServer
  • Fixed problem with installation storage
  • Fixed problem with group switching when group contain keyboard events
  • Fixed TouchFlo for mouse scrolling



  • Initial version
Last Updated on Thursday, 17 March 2011 22:29