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No. Tracks and catalogs are loaded 50 entries per page. To view the next entries you have to swipe your finger left or right to load the next or previous page tracks.

There is a special function for this applet. You need to hold down back button (little arrow at left-down corner) for more than 3sec. I prevents from unwanted exit when you play games.

This method is no longer required if you are using latest GRemote Pro with native Bluetooth support!!!

Please try GRemote Pro and see how it is simple now.



This FAQ describes how you can establish bluetooth connection using PAN profile. In this example we use BlueSoleil software and Samsung Omnia. Some screens look different on other devices and softwares.


After downloading GRemote setup you need to fallow the instructions which are described below:

1.Connect your device using USB and be sure that ActiveSyc icon is green.

GRemote application (which is installed on PDA) communicates with GRemoteServer (installed on PC) using standard network protocols. So you need to establish one of them:

You need to install the latest Microsoft NETCF 3.5 version from this location. Copy *.cab file into your device and install it using file explorer (or use CABviaActiveSync tool).
But remember latest GRemote Pro version use NETCF 2.0. Version 3.5 is only required for GRemote free version.