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Explorer extension manual

In GRemotePro you can find an Explorer extension. This feature allows you to browse your PC files directly from your phone. Here is a list of functions:


  • Play in Winamp - To play folder/file in Winamp you need to tap once on the this folder/file and then press Play button,
  • Enqueue in winamp - To add folder/file to Winamp playlist you need to tap once on folder/file entry and then press Enq. button,
  • Open command - this command will open selected entry in the default program,
  • Close - this command just sends Atl+F4 key to active window,
  • Go up - if you want to go up in the directory structure, you can just tap once on the title bar
Folders and files are loaded 50 entries per page. To view the next entries you have to swipe your finger left or right to load the next or previous page tracks.