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New version 1.3.5 released
New version of GRemote is already available. Besides the usual bug-hunting work, described in the changelog in details, we have been focused on the following new features, that brings a new value to our software. First - we have totally redesigned the client interface for Windows Mobile, making it more intuitive, easy and nice. Right now, these changes apply to the WM version only, but we will make such changes also to the Android version very soon. We hope you will like it.
The second new feature is PinchToZoom - is introduced for the HTC HD2 devices (this option require restart  after installation). Android devices (version 2.0 and above) will get this feature in the future versions, please be patient.
Since now, skins that are prepared for the given resolution, may be scalled and used for the other resolution (eg. VGA skin on QVGA device or 320x320 skin on 240x240 device).