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New version 1.4.5 - added widget for android devices

We are happy to release new version with Music Widget for android devices. Thanks to this feature you can control Winamp (and other players in the future) directly from your Android desktop. You can easily switch between tracks and see what track is currently being played. Remember to get it work please run Wizard with default configuration selected.


GRemote Music Widget

Now this widget is available only for devices with Android 2.0 and higher, but we will add this widget to version for older devices.

In this release we has also made some changes in the server. We've added "Update application list from server" button in the wizard window so now we don't need to release new version to add new application to this wizard. Just send us your favourite application name and we will add it. Then you can just click this button to see new applications on the list.

We've also added new applications to the wizard:BSPlayer, Media Player Classic, ZoomPlayer.