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New version with voice command!


Lately, we have released a new, redesigned version for Android, with some new features. Now aplication has a new, modern Honeycomb theme, but if you prefer, you can keep the old skin by going to Skin options and selecting "get more". By the way - "Get more skins" option is also a new feature, so you do not need to copy skins manually anymore. Just go to skins and browse them on the server.

New version with Aimp2 support released

Yesterday we released new version of GRemotePro numbered This release contains many minor fixes but the most important is Aimp2 playlist support and Android client translations. So now every Aimp2 fan with PDA can control this player using our application. It works exactly the same as Winamp before, so you will be able to manage the playlist (add, enqueue, clear), see current track info etc. In the android client you can also use Music Widget to control this player.

New version 1.5.5 released - added support for more keyboard layouts, skin support goes to Android version

Last week release of GRemotePro brought some new functionality and some bug fixes described below:

  • support for more keybard languages and symbols - since now, GRemotePro  has been allowing user to type only latin characters and a few symbols, now you are able type more. If your keyboard layout is similar to English but you have several extra letters (like in Polish, German, Swedish etc.) you should be able to type them with GRemotePro. Most symbols should work too. There is only one limitation - you can type only this character/symbol which you are able to type using a physical keyboard. Starting from this release, you can also use build-in software keyboard dictionary.
Bug fix release - v1.5.0.82
Few days ago we released version 1.5.0, but sadly there is one small bug. If you are using fixed IP profile without password you can get popup waiting for conection and then connection timeout. If you have this problem please upgrade our application to the same version but build If you are using auto IP profiles or Bluetooth based you don't need to do anything - it should works without problems.
New version 1.5.0 - support for 3G connection
Yesterday we uploaded new version 1.5.0 to our servers and Android Market. In this release you will find a new connection method over data connection. So if you have a good data plan you can use this profile to control your PC, but you need to remember about few things:
Another new feature for Android devices...

In the last days we've addded another new feature but only for Android devices. Now GRemotePro detects incoming call! So if you like listening to "noisy" music you will not miss any call and you don't need to stop music to answer the phone. GRemotePro Music Widget will do this for you. When you are called, application will automaticaly pause Winamp on incomming call and resume after you hang up. The same events you can use in application. You can define your custom commands to this events and pause video player or start application on incoming call.

Please watch this video to learn more about this feature.

New notification feature for Android devices

Thanks to great  Android API we've just added new feature for devices based on this system. Now you can minimize GRemotePro to notification area. So now if you get e-mails, sms etc. you don't need to close GRemotePro. Just press the Home button and you will see a new notification "GRemotePro is running...". When you tap this notification you will be back in  the application in the same state.

New version 1.4.7 released - Wake on Lan client added

We've just released a new version with Wake on Lan  client support. So if your PC is connected to the router using cable and your network adapter supports WOL (in most cases it does) you can wake up you PC directly from your phone. To use this function please recreate profiles to fill in mac address automatically.

In this release we also fixed a problem with bluetooth in HTC HD2/TP2 devices (and other devices with Widcomm bluetooth stack). Now bluetooth radio is enabled only when it is needed.

GRemote Music Widget available for Androd 1.5/1.6
Few days after we presented for the first time GRemote Music Widget for Android 2.0. we are releasing a new version for older devices. Now every Android user can use this widget to control Winamp media player. More players coming in the future.
During last modifications we found some bugs related to the GMouse and GRace (in both version). Now these two applets should be more stable and usable. We are also going to add skin support for Android devices. So stay tunned and keep an eye on our website!
New version 1.4.5 - added widget for android devices

We are happy to release new version with Music Widget for android devices. Thanks to this feature you can control Winamp (and other players in the future) directly from your Android desktop. You can easily switch between tracks and see what track is currently being played. Remember to get it work please run Wizard with default configuration selected.

New version, new price, new quality...
After few weeks of our work we are ready to release new version with really useful tool -  Configuration Wizard. Starting from this release, users can select from our database the application that are to be controlled using GRemotePro. So now you don't need to configure every application manually, just can select it from the library. If you can't find your favourite application feel free to send us e-mail with application name and we will try to add it in next release. There are some other changes  described here.
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