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GRemote Pro celebrates first birthday - special price -30%!
April 17th 2009 was a day,  when we released the first commercial version of GRemote Pro. From this moment GRemote has been improved much to meet our customer's requirements. We've added support for all Windows versions including missing x64 Vista and Windows 7. Support for bluetooth profiles was implemented and now you don't need any WiFi router to use GRemote at your home or office. We also started porting process to support Android devices  which we successfully finished some time ago. Now everyone with Android device can enjoy GRemote Pro including bluetooth profiles in Android 2.0 devices.
New skin for HTC HD mini
Today one of our user ask as about support for HTC HD mini. It has new resolution for Windows Mobile devices. So we've just created new skin and now everyone who has device with HVGA (480x320) display can use this skin and enjoy with GRemotePro. You can find this skin also in Sinks section on our website.
Bug fix release - v1.3.7
This release resolves two bugs, both are related to Windows Mobile client, so if you don't have problems with current version, you don't need to update your installation. For more details, please read changelog.
New version for Android devices available in Android Market
We've just released new version for Android devices. Most changes are related to GUI settings. Now both client version - Windows mobile and Android - looks the same so if you switch between this devices you don't see any changes.

For devices with multitouch we have new special feature - PinchToZoom .
New version 1.3.6 - important bug fixed
Few days ago we released version 1.3.5 but in last days we found solution for broken configuration files. Many of our users send us info about problem with configuration after system restart. We made some changes and now the problem should disappear. We also updated bluetooth library and made some other small changes. So please update you current version with the last one and enjoy with GRemote Pro.
New version 1.3.5 released
New version of GRemote is already available. Besides the usual bug-hunting work, described in the changelog in details, we have been focused on the following new features, that brings a new value to our software. First - we have totally redesigned the client interface for Windows Mobile, making it more intuitive, easy and nice. Right now, these changes apply to the WM version only, but we will make such changes also to the Android version very soon. We hope you will like it.
Bluetooth support for Android 2.0 devices
As we promised in the last news,  we've just finished our work on bluetooth profiles support for Android 2.0 devices. If you have device with this (and above) Android version, look for our software labeled GRemotePro - Droid,Nexus version in the AndroidMarket. This version also includes fix for hardware keyboard on Motorola Droid/Milestone and some fixes for devices with HVGA (480x320pixels) displays.
We have also one small request for you, dear users. In the AndroidMarket comments we have found information about some problems on Google Nexus One. So if you have this device, please contact us maybe we can fix this problem together.
New version for Android 2.0 devices
We've decided to add to AndroidMarket new separate versions of software for devices based on Android 2.0. Now it should work on Motorola Milestone/Droid, Nexus One, Acer Liquid and any other device with display sizes 854x480, 800x480 or 480x320. There is no functional change in this release. In the near future, we plan to add bluetooth profile support and multitouch (if device support it, perhaps will work on Milestone only). So stay in touch, and wait for new updates in AndroidMarket.
Configuration bug founded

One of our users found a little bug  in default configuration. In GPad configuration two commands need to be reassigned:


  • Right command - now assigned to Right arrow + Ctrl key, should be only Right arrow
  • Back command - now assigned to Backspace + Alt key, should be only Backspace
To change this just uncheck Ctrl key for Right command then save and uncheck Alt key for Back command and save again. Sorry for all the problems.
New skins for VGA and QVGA (no GSensor devices)

We've just updated skins for devices with QVGA & VGA that have no build in GSensor. If you are interested - go to skins sections and download new skins and enjoy with new Winamp and Explorer extension.


For new skins you should use default configuration (Example config.ini located in program directory).

GRemotePro - special beta version for Droid users
We are trying to make it work on Motorola Droid (for display 854x480) so if you want to help us you are welcome to download beta apk file and install it manually on your device. We will appreciate any feedback in regard this version. If application crashes or if it just works fine, send us logcat or any information to this e-mail: .
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