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New Android version released, and small update for server to v1.3.3

One week after Windows Mobile client we've just released a new version for Android phones. Now all GRemotePro users can enjoy Winamp playlist support and remote explorer extension in GRemotePro. You can dowload this update throughout AndroidMarket, but remember to update GRemote server as well.


We have also released a new server version with some small fixes. All changes you can find in  changelog.

Samsung SDK updated...

This is good news for Samsung owners. Our last version use official SDK for new samsung phones but works only on Omnia II. After last Samsung update (SDK v2.1) everything works fine. So we've updated Samsung Windows Mobile SDK 2 Runtime included in our setup and now should work on all new Samsung phones:

  • GT-B7300 Omnia Lite
  • GT-B7330 Omnia Pro
  • GT-I8000 Omnia II
  • GT?B7620 Armani
So if you have one of these devices and have a problem with GSensor, please download latest version and install it on your device and PC. But if you have other devices you can skip this update.
New version 1.3.2 with explorer and Winamp playlist extension released

We are happy to announce that a new version with wanted features has been just released. In this version we've added playlist support for Winamp, and explorer extension. Now you can see full Winamp playlist, current track title and time. To easily add files just from your phone we've added explorer extension. Thanks to this feature you can browse remote files, add dirs to playlist etc. If you have long list (more than 50 tracks or directory entries) you can swap left/right to get next entries.

Winamp playlist support and remote PC explorere comming soon...
This video is a little preview about new functions in GRemotePro. We've just added Winamp playlist support and remote file explorer. So now you can manage your Winamp playlist directly from your PDA, you don't need to turn your TV connected to media center, all PC files you can browse using build in explorer.
We've joined to twiter

To help our users watching us we decide to join to twitter. So if you want you can fallow us here.


Best regards,

GBM Software Team

Beta testers with Omnia II needed
We try to add support for new Samsung devices with Samsung SDK 2.0. So if you have:
  • GT-B7300 Omnia Lite
  • GT-B7330 Omnia Pro
  • GT-I8000 Omnia II
please contact us using this e-mail For people who really help us we can offer free license.

--> Beta tester group closed <--
Smart devices need smart application
Thanks to grate Android API we've made our application smarter. Now your remote control is much more easy. You don't need to wake up your device and unlock it before you want to use it. You can just grab you device and it will wake up automatically and show GRemote screen without unlock screen. We also added power management for WiFi.


Quick fix for latest version
In latest release we've found small bug with new auto IP profile. Sometimes this when you use this profile you may have problems with connections. Sorry for the problems.
New version 1.2.1 - New version with auto IP profile
We've added a new feature, that lets you to create an auto IP profile. It is useful when you are using your PC in many networks and dynamic IP. You can create one profile for all of these networks. If your profile name is the same as PC name and IP is set to "auto" GRemote client will try to find server by name. Second news is that most problems with Android software keyboards were fixed. Enter key on a standard keyboard, and double keys on HTC Touch Input keyboard now should work without any problems.
New version 1.1.4 - Many bugs fixed
Thanks to our users who were kind enough to inform us about bugs, we can make our application more stable now. In this release we've updated Sensor API and now GSensor should work on HTC Touch Pro 2. We've also found solution for signed drivers error during installation process. You can find more information about this release in  changelog.
GRemote Pro (BETA) available in AndroidMarket

Read moreGRemote Pro goes to Android Market. This is first public BETA release so you can find some bugs, but we will fix it if you tell as. It has some extra futures comparing to Windows mobile client. You can download GRemote Pro server directly form your Android phone to SD card (recommended), and toggle WiFi state - useful if you forgot about this before you open GRemote Pro.


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