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Quick fix for version 1.1.3.
In the last version we have found a small bug with BT profiles. GRemote (on PDA) hangs for a while when you are using this protocol. We fixed this and now it should work. Sorry for the problems.
New version 1.1.3 released
We've just finished all tests and fix most known problems, so you can download an update and enjoy new version. For more information please read changelog.
New version 1.1.3 BETA released
Thanks to our users (special thanks to Michael H.) we can make our program less buggy. We fixed some problems with keyboard and tunned client application - now it uses less memory and starts faster. All of the changes can be found here.
Android version comming soon
Read more PDA does not necessary mean Microsoft Windows Mobile. There are other operating systems and now we are trying to port our project to Android. We already have great part of the work done, first beta release will be available in next several weeks.
Beta tests finished
Latest beta version 1.1.2 has been downloaded and tested by about 400 people and beta testers group and only one bug was found and confirmed. GRemoteServer ignored option "Invert vertical axis" in GMouse configuration and need restart. This problem was fixed and now we have new official stable release. So everyone who bought this product can go to Updates tab and get the new installer. You can find more info abount this release in changelog and previous news.
New version 1.1.2 BETA ready for testing

As we promised before new version with updated joystick driver goes to beta testers (available in Update area). We have decitded to share this version with others as well. So if you want to test updated GRemote Pro you can download this version and try test it now!



64bit joystick driver recived

GRace A few weeks ago we received update for joystick driver with 64bit OS support. We have made some tests and it works fine. There is only one problem - drivers need to be signed. Now we are waiting for the response from the company which sells certificates.

Touchpad function tuned

This is a good news for everyone who like Touchpad function in GRemote Pro and for everyone who has modern devices without DPad keys. Now you can use Drag&Drop function without extra hardware buttons, you can use Touchpad surface instead. To make this function work, you need to tap and hold longer than Drag&Drop delay (editable in Options) and then slide a finger to move elements. We will release this version really soon.

Bluetooth native connection in GRemote Pro!!!

Read more We are happy to announce that new version with native bluetooth connection has been released. Now you don't need to setup complicated BT Personal Area Networking to use GRemote Pro over BT. In just few clicks you can setup and initialize connection directly from PDA. Please watch this video to see how simple it is now.

Fixed Update area service
Some people inform us about problem with Update area service. In some browsers (e.g. Internet Explorer 7) sometimes you can get "Wrong update query!!!" response. We've made some changes and now it should work in all browser. Sorry for all the problems.
Two screencast added. Learn how you can edit skin and configuration.

In our documentation you can find two new tutorials. The first one describes how you can edit skin and add new buttons and applets. We will create a new NumPad applet and show how to change configuration to get it work. The second one shows how you can define profiles for custom application to GMedia. In our example we use VLC Player but you can add Foobar2000, Microsoft PowerPoint or any application you want. Read this tutorials and enjoy new GRemote Pro features !!!

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