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Free license for Sponsors
Everyone, who has donated our project until 17th of April 2009 receive a free licence for GRemote Pro. Please go to here enter your PayPal e-mail address and fallow the instructions.

Thank you very much!!!!

Best regards,
GBM Software Team
RSS channel added
We have decided to add RSS channel to our website. Now you don't need to watch when we release new version of our products. You will receive all news and important information from us through your RSS reader.




GRemote Pro available now!!!
Long awaiting, first version of GRemote Pro has just come to life ! We are proud to announce, that we have finished beta testing process of version 1.0.1 and it is ready to download NOW. During last several months we have been busy developing new features, listening to your requests, answering your questions and removing bugs that has been reported by our beta-testers. Now first version of GRemote Pro is ready and we hope it will meet your requirements and expectations. Please, feel free to download the demo version of GRemote Pro, and if you like it, you can buy a full version from our web page.
More info about GRemote Pro
In the product category you can find more information about GRemote Pro and appropriate screenshots.
Two FAQ's added - installation guide and bluetooth connection
We've created two FAQs that describes most problems. First one contains installation howto with USB connection and the second describes bluetooth connection with PAN profile. We hope they will be helpful for you.
New version 0.5.2. Uploaded!!!
New version of GRemote app is just uploaded. This is not a major functionality change, but more easy to install for newbie users.
News no1.


We have moved to our own websibe. Now we have a place where you can find news about GRemote and future plans. You can read FAQ about solution for most problems.

Enjoy GRemote,

GBM Software Team.

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