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GRemote Pro - the best way to control PC using PDA

  • use your PDA as mouse, keyboard, joystick or remote controler to PC
  • launch application by voice!
  • control your PC over WiFi, Bluetooth or 3G
  • enjoy with GRemote and create new skins specially for your favourite application
  • define profiles for many applications in one applet
  • use your build-in GSensor as an analogue joystick to PC and mouse control
  • control any application you want!!!
  • browse your PC files using exprorer extension
  • manage Winamp and Aimp2 playlist directly from your phone
  • define many actions to one button (e.g. change resolution, display OSD and Run application)
  • works with Windows Mobile and Android devices
  • compatible with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7
  • Wake on Lan client included - new!!!
  • lifetime updates free!!!

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(...)GRemote Pro is a great application for users who would want a more convenient and inexpensive

method to further control their computers. It might be something new but definitely something great

to have in your mobile phone. I would also recommend this for presentation purposes or even

casual gaming (read more)



(...)This application is recommended by us. You can be sure that all your friends will be very amazed

when you control the music of your next party with your phone! (read more)

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User feedback

"So perfect. I'm very satified with GRemotePro. It is running with no errors. Grace is ubelievable,

I played some race games and its really perfect, good sensitive, very funny to play on my

50" plasma TV."

Hulin Peter


"I gave this a shot and downloaded it. Its a really cool Windows Mobile app. I used it while

giving a presentation in the office. Thumbs Up."

Handango customer

"Awesome software to have on your phone. When I'm sick and tired of using my keyboard

and mouse for msn, gmail chats surfing the web controlling my media center music, movies,

and pictures I use the GRemote. Its one of those application that you can show off to your

family and friends that will make them say thats cool."



*(We strongly recommend to use DEMO version before you buy it to ensure that everything works fine on your system)

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